Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dasar-dasar Android (P.A.M 1)

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Lesson 1. Introduction

Lesson 2. Installing and configuring development environment Eclipse and SDK Tools

Lesson 3. Creating AVD. The first application. Android project structure

Lesson 4. Layout elements and their properties

Lesson 5. Layout-file for Activity. XML Representation. Changing screen orientation

Lesson 6. Layout types. Key differences and properties

Lesson 7. Layout parameters for View-elements

Lesson 8. Working with layout elements from code

Lesson 9. Event listeners with Button example

Lesson 10. Optimizing event listeners implementation

Lesson 11. res/values folder. Using application resources

Lesson 12. Logs and Toast messages.

Lesson 13. Creating a simple menu

Lesson 14. Menu, groups, order. MenuInflater and xml-menu

Lesson 15. Context menu

Lesson 16. Creating layout programmatically. LayoutParams

Lesson 17. Creating View-components in a running application

Lesson 18. Changing layoutParams in a running application

Lesson 19. Creating a simple calculator

Lesson 20. Animation

Lesson 21. Creating and starting an Activity

Lesson 22. Intent, Intent Filter, Context - theory

Lesson 23. Activity Lifecycle. Activity states

Lesson 24. Activity Lifecycle, example about changing states with two Activities

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